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   Every deer hunter knows that after successfully filling out their tag, the fun part of the
   hunt is over, and the Real Work begins! Nobody enjoys the back-breaking labor of dragging 
   your kill out of the woods. Now deer hunters everywhere can relax........

   Introducing the Handy Drag Game Harness. This harness is designed to give the
   hunter the easiest drag possible.  By placing the harness around the animal, you will
   have better control, balance and two hand-holds that allow you to easily lift the

   This is not just another Deer Drag. This is the most useful piece of New
   Hunting Gear you will see anywhere!


   -The harness allows you to pull the animal from      its center of gravity, giving you a mechanical      advantage.




   -The integral handles give you a positive hand
    hold when you need to lift the animal, i.e. over a     creek, into your vehicle, etc.



   -The game is held tightly from its chest to its     head, giving the hunter better balance and     control.

   -The added extension strap adds distance
    between the hunter and the game (as shown in     the picture to the right). This ensures that even
    very tall hunters or those who bag very large -     racked bucks won't have to worry about the     antlers poking them in the legs.

   -The Handy Drag is Compact and lightweight     enough to be packed into its own carry bag.
The Handy Drag is available both on our webiste and through our proud partners at Cabela's. Click the Link below to purchase from Cabela's
   -The Handy Drag can be worn on your belt or     placed in a pocket or pack.

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